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Spyrou patsi 129, Votanikos - Athens

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I am Nicola Soseilos, professional masseur since 2010.

Before that, I studied various techniques in India and Thailand.

I created three different sessions that I believe cover different individual needs:

Deep tissue

Relax Anti-Stress


These sessions are intended for men and women.


Deep tissue

This massage session is recommended for persons

with intense physical activity or for athletes after exercise.

In this technique pressure is more intense

into more deep muscle tissues,

that maintain muscle elasticity in good condition,

relaxing muscle spasms and cramps.

Emphasis is given at the back especially

at the neck and shoulders that is the area of the body

that is permanently under pressure causing tightness, pain and stiffness.

Relax Anti-Stress

This massage session is ideal against anxiety,

stress, psychological pressure and fatigue,

offers rejuvenation and deep relaxation.

The combination of relaxing massage techniques

and the great beneficial force that have from their

very nature the essential oils, promote the improvement

of physical and mental well being.

The massage in this session is lymphatic,

that means mild, eliminating from the body muscle tensions and blockages.


Tantra is an ancient Indian philosophy and practice,

that consider sexual energy as the energy of life,

for this reason sees it as holy and the body as pure in its wholeness.

Tantric massage movements are slow,  soft, epidermal

and are addressed to the whole body holistically,

together with the erogenous zones.

It increases self control of sexuality

until the final climax, but it mainly restores

the smooth flow of energy, bringing the sense of inner equilibrium.


The oil that I use is the almond oil enriched

with essential oils of bergamot and lavender,

which I warm up for the immediate easing of tensed muscles.

For those who prefer, the massage table can be heated.

Bath facility before or and after the session.

There are towers, slippers and all that needs for bathing and after.

The place is designed with simplicity

and positive energy, where color and smell

are joined with the warmth of the candles

and the calming music.

The air is filtered through an air cleaning ionizer system,

The temperature is controlled throughout the year.


All three sessions last 75 minutes

Cost 30 €


Monday to Saturday

from 12.00pm – 9.00pm (start of session)

For an appointment:  697 36 88 300

Spirou Patsi 129 / 7th floor – Botanikos – Athens

Accepted all debit, credit and prepaid cards: Visa, Visa Electron, V-pay, MasterCard, Union Pay και Maestro.